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Datavox India offers affordable and flexible voice solutions for your business. Our telephone systems offer in Kerala high levels of reliability and flexibility for Hotel, Home, Office or even an enterprise with 1000 ‘s of users displaced in different geographic location. Whether you are looking for a small telephone system with few users or a massive deployment with more than 1000 user, rest assured that our experience in business telecoms in Cochin, combined with exceptional ongoing support, will ensure you have access to the business communication system your operation needs.

Telephony Kerala

PABX System or IP Telephone System ?

Well, its a tough question for a business owner because most of them doesnt understand the technical parameters or different between them.If your business doesn’t require any features other than just receive and make phone calls then analog  pabx system are the best choice. As it is very reliable and cost effective it is the best choice of entry level business and start ups. Panasonic KX-824  and NEC SL1000 are examples of entry level PABX System models.

When you are looking for business friendly features and integration the ip telephone systems come in to picture.In IP Telephone system voice signals are converted to data packets and the devices can be managed like any other network device in your network.More over most of the ip telephone systems are coming with grate features that can dramatically change how your business operates.  The most obvious advantages are in the way it allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their communications over big areas or multiple locations.Older telephone systems can do some networking but the integration part was always incomplete, because it was still a matter of using its own controls and network being operated separately. IP Telephony over a wider network are much easier and more complete. Think about  where an office in Kerala can now literally be part of the same phone system as an office in London.

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