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Phone System KeralaWhat is an Office Telephone System and how to get benefit from a phone system?

PBX / PABX System in Kerala connects your employees’ telephone extensions to telephone lines provided by service providers. For Example BSNL in Kerala and all over India. A PABX System ensures effective communication between your business and your end customers. A PBX or PABX system allows internal communication between your employees and shares a minimum number of telephone trunk lines between the users. You don’t have to buy trunk lines for each user.  We offer telephone systems in different brands and two flavors.  VoIP Telephone System and Traditional analog PABX telephone system. Traditional PABX systems are analog type business telephone systems and limited modern-day business communication features. A VoIP Phone System [ IP PBX System work with network connectivity and provide communication by utilizing the TCP/ IP network protocol. IP PBX System acts as the central switching system for phone calls within a business and connectivity between outside telephone lines. The Usage of  Network infrastructure in IP Telephony, for connecting the IP Phones to the central IP PBX unit and ability to share network infrastructure for both computers and IP Telephones reduce significant infrastructure expense.

Considering IP Telephone System, there are several advantages businesses can benefit. Some of the standard features are IVR, Interoffice connectivity, Voice Mail, Call Recording, Voice Mail to Email, Mobility Users, Call Queue, Conference call bridge, Telephone CRM Integration and Remote office connectivity. The  IVR and call queue help the business to handle more calls with minimum effort. The Voicemail, Voicemail to email and Mobility options make sure you never miss a  customer even you are out of the office. Conference call bridge, The Telephone CRM Integration, and Remote office connectivity provide higher business productivity.

Phone System PBX / PABX – IP Telephone System

We Offer complete business telephone systems and call center solutions in Kerala and many parts of India. We understand the importance of communication systems in business. The right business communication systems and telephony solutions ensure your business connectivity. The telephone system should be future proof and grows with your company. We always make sure our customers are getting the right Telephony solution. Our longtime experience and expertise in this field allow us to understand your communication requirements and we can help you achieve that.

We carry top brands in the telephone system industry, to fulfill every requirement of our customers. We deal with Avaya, Panasonic, NEC, Grandstream, Lg-Ericsson, Samsung, Dlink, Sangoma, Samsung, Yeastar, Digium, RTX, Yealink &  Asterisk  Custom solutions. As one of the best telephone companies in Kerala, Cochin,  we offer our telecommunication services almost every big city across India, Kerala and Middle East region. Call us today to get free consultation and quote.

Avaya Phone System Kerala

Avaya Phone System Kerala

Avaya IP Office 500 PBX System combines your calls, messaging, conferencing, Video conferencing and customer management right into a single, expandable system. Avaya IP500 is the most popular Avaya phone system designed for small business customers. Avaya IP500 Enable future-proof your business growth. Its an affordable office telephone system along with reliability and today’s business features.

Grandstream Phone System kerala

Grandstream Telephone Systems

Grandstream business telephone systems Powered by an advanced feature-rich platform with robust system resources. Grandstream IP PBX System offers a highly versatile, enterprise telephony solution for voice, video, data, and mobility applications. Additionally, fax, Video Conferencing, and surveillance solutions can integrate with Telephony make it a perfect office telephone system for business.

Cisco IP Phone System Kerala

Cisco Phone System

With Cisco PBX Phone Systems you can take full advantage of converged voice and data networks while retaining the convenience and user-friendliness. Cisco Unified Communication IP Phone System can help improve productivity by meeting the needs of users throughout your organization. Cisco Telephone Systems enhance the end-user experience by managing the calls and messages more efficiently.

Panasonic Phone System Kerala

Panasonic Phone System

Panasonic Business Phone System allows you to reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks and support your mobile workforce with DECT phone connectivity. Panasonic entry level PABX system fits every need of small business with an affordable price range. Panasonic small to large systems maintains an easy to use, the flexible and innovative design that can deliver both straightforward and complex solutions.

Nec Telehone Systems Kerala


NEC offers the best telecom technology platform available in the communication marketplace. NEC provides many phones and telephone systems which help businesses take advantage of this greater solution. The NEC desktop phones, in-building wireless Dect systems and softphones support worker quickly and reliably access tools, information as well as people anywhere and also at any time. NEC Offer the level of flexibility that dramatically change your business.

Yeastar Phone Systems Kerala

Yeastar IP PBX

Yeastar phone system intended for small and medium-sized enterprises as an easy to manage telephone system. The powerful license free features available with Yeastar MyPBX help you benefit from your communication system.  It is based on robust Asterisk platform and allows you to configure all the features through the user-friendly graphical interface. You can choose any SIP supported IP telephones with Yeastar IP Telephone System.

Dlink Phone System Kerala

Dlink IP Phone system

Dlink offers SIP-based telephony solution in an expandable and reliable platform. Dlink’s Telephone systems provide the perfect business communication system for business and home. Select the Dlink Phone system for your business, and then you have a system ready to take your business communication to the next level. Features like IVR, Voice Mail, Fax to email, Mobile App Support and call recording make this system perfect for any business vertical.

SIP IP Phones Kerala

SIP IP Phones

Using an IP PBX Telephone system that supports SIP protocol will allow you to use the SIP IP Phones. We deal with Well known brands of IP telephones, that is  Polycom, Snom, Cisco, Dlink, Grandstream, Fanvil, RTX, Gigaset, Yealink and softphone from  Bria. We can help you select the right VoIP phone for your office PBX System. Choose from different desktop IP Telephones, Dect phones & conference phones from top manufacturers.

telecom trends in india 2019Business Telecom Trends

Most of the businesses that own or would like to buy a business telephone system don’t know terms commonly used in the market. It Is also true among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), in which the lack of dedicated IT or any other technical staff results in a lack of knowledge of current technology trends. The Enterprise Telephone marketplace is changing rapidly and keep pace with all the technological and business process changes happening inside the enterprise.

Does your company now need IM baked into its communications infrastructure, seamless wireless connectivity, integration with business applications like CRM, voicemail to email, or any other technology? How would you tell what are critical technologies and solutions and discover which solutions provide the right combination of features, services, SLAs, and value to satisfy your organizational needs?. It is where a professional telecom company like us coming into the picture. You can talk to our sales engineers for finalizing your business telephone system requirements. We assist you over the phone as well as visit your business, if the situation wanted, completely free of cost.

PABX System VS. VoIP  PBX System [ IP PBX ]

Why You should move to VoIP Phone System

If you still have a traditional business telephone system, you should think about going away with it for good. Since there is a lot of superior IP phone systems, which lets you connect to your customers in a modern way. One benefit of investing in a business VoIP telephone system is the ability to connect a variety of devices and software beyond traditional desk phones. However, with a lot of possibilities for making and receiving calls, it could be tough to identify the optimal phone setup for your company’s needs. The VoIP Telephony includes advanced communication features and additionally, offers a significant amount of scalability and robustness. An IP Telephone system enables you to connect hardware IP phones directly to a typical network system port. The same port can share with the computer. Software phones could be installed entirely on the PC. Now you can get rid of the phone wiring and then make adding or move of extensions incredibly more comfortable. In new offices, you can eliminate the need for wiring. Thus, it can share the cables used for the computer network.

Phone Systems cochinWhen you heard CTI, it means Computer Telephony Integration or employed for VoIP Telephone systems which let you take control of your phone together with your computer. It Often works, either way. Means the telephone can control your computer and the other way round. With VoIP and CTI, it can provide the communications framework to handle communications and data by anyone inside your company, anytime and in anywhere. Integrates telephone communications and CRM  your computer screen displays information about the caller, including the phone number, address, and information regarding their account from the database of your company CRM or ERP. All these features facilitate improved customer support by permitting the representative to gain access to information regarding the client instantly. It also helps to speed call resolution.

Modern IP PBX, which connect with the data network rather than the phone network, have evolved hand-in-hand with mobile devices. Businesses can continue to use IP desk phones or headsets using these systems. They likewise have the liberty to make use of smartphones as PBX extensions. Even the SIP Trunk provided by most of the modern telecom companies can connect to IP Telephone System in Cochin.

Older PBXs were hard-wired switching systems that enabled multiple extensions to share an incoming line from the phone company (known as a “trunk” line ). These telephone systems tied employees with their desks. Because since desk phones should physically connect to the PBX system.

Our Office Phone System in Kerala, Cochin Solutions designed to be both scalable and feature-rich and meets the growing demands of today’s business conditions. We have telephone products to support all the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless, and  SIP Protocol. Choose from a wide assortment of office telephone systems PBX/ PABX that best fits your Business. Our Telephone system installation service in Ernakulam deliver maximum deployment flexibility and all business niches or personalization requirements. Datavox Systems India offers high-tech installation service for Telephone Systems and Phones in Cochin, Kerala as well as best price access in this region. Contact Datavox Systems India today for your Office Phone System Cochin, Office Telephone System Kerala, Office Phone System Installation Ernakulam or Buying your Telephone Products in Kerala. We cover entire Kerala included  Cochin, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Palakkad.

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