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Every organization must have a reliable and robust security policy. It includes who is covered, what is protected and what protective measures must be in place to ensure proper protection of its assets, environment, and employees. The advancement of technology gave way to modern surveillance that almost leads to the death of traditional surveillance system. Now the business began to accept CCTV security surveillance as a measure to enhance its protection. These systems could help the business to reduce the security lapses in surveillance at a higher level, and the alliance with these systems must be focused to cover the following aspects.

  • Comprehensive coverage of environment and assets in an organization or residence
  • The system should be able to increase productivity and efficiency.

Businesses engaged in the traditional security will find it difficult to shift to CCTV security surveillance initially. The economic advantages and the outcomes it produces prepared organizations to change over to CCTV security surveillance. If you are looking for a security surveillance solution, take a chance on the right CCTV solution provider who is capable of providing a high-quality system at an affordable rate. Presumably, installing the system brings you better results and help to do the job better.


Move forward with Hikvision CCTV Systems in Kerala

Specialized in CCTV security systems, Hikvision is reckoned as the leading manufacturers of high-quality CCTV cameras including IP cameras, analog cameras and recording systems including Network Digital recorders and Digital Video Recorder. Datavox India Specialize in tailored security solutions for all kinds of business and homes across India. Our significant expertise in offering CCTV surveillance with Hikvision security products ensures an impeccable solution to your organization and the testimonials from our clients in Kerala speaks for themselves.

Hikvision IP cameras:

The advantages that IP surveillance system bring are many regarding quality and productivity. The technology that pushes Hikvision IP cameras is quite brilliant that it has the advanced features and functionalities making the surveillance more refined. The Hikvision IP cameras come in varied types and where it includes the thermal cameras, panoramic camera, phasing out a camera and much more. The features make it sense for the organizations to go for the IP cameras where it retains good quality resolution, High Definition real-time video, Power over Ethernet facility, Solid design, Night vision, Good frame rate, Weather proof casing and so on.

Hikvision Analog Cameras

The Hikvision analog cameras would be the choice of a source for a good analog surveillance system. Its cost effective factor and the good performance against various conditions make it perfect for business of any sizes. High-quality Hikvision Analog Cameras extends the benefit of producing desired results. When it comes to the types and models, it includes Turbo HD camera, CCD camera HD-SDI camera. It supports PAL/NTSC Signal system, Night Vision, Smart IR and good dynamic range, good video image output, Good for low light conditions, wide operating temperature range and so on.

Hikvision Network Video recorder

Network Video Recorder is compatible with the IP cameras, and it allows the view and storage of video footages efficiently. Network management software makes it possible to record and manage the video. NVRs can be remotely accessed through local area network and internet. Its reliable, trusting nature and the capability to deliver optimum performance makes Hikvision NVR a sure choice for your IP surveillance system. The features make the system more adaptive to varied business environments. It supports third-party cameras, high-resolution video recording, Dual gigabit network interfaces, HDMI output, etc.…

Hikvision Digital Video Recorder:

Digital Video Recorder is for Analog Surveillance system. The more advanced form of analog Surveillance system utilizes Digital Video Recorder for high-quality recording and storage. It provides an advanced recording with a multitude of performance options and features. Hikvision DVR allows to record digitally, and the various digital technologies including video analytics and remote access over the networks make it a favorable choice for the Analog surveillance system. It comes in varied models including turbo HD DVR, Mobile DVR, and Analog DVR, etc.…It has the features of good video compression, high-resolution real-time recording, HD-SDI interfaces, synchronous playback, HDD quota, and group management and much more.

Datavox India is reckoned as the experts in the planning and deployment of the CCTV security systems in Kerala. We enjoy providing CCTV service in the region of   Kerala, including Palakkad, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Idukki, Malappuram, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kozhikode, Cochin, and Kannur. We offer Hikvision products to develop a complete security solution to organization or homes. Particularly in a city like Kerala, installing an entire security system is essential, which not only increases the productivity but also keep an eye on your assets. With the Hikvision products, Datavox India manages to deliver solutions to all kind of industries. Apart from the IP cameras and networks, Hikvision presents other range of security products as well which can best utilized for designing a complete CCTV security system in Kerala.

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Our Offer on HIKVISION CCTV IN Kerala

Datavox India is a leading  provider of CCTV Security systems and IT solutions. We  offer HIKVISION CCTV an integrated CCTV solution designed as a a fully scalable solution suitable for projects ranging from single office installations to multi-building deployments. The  features an intuitive Web interface that can be easily configured and managed by Security, IT, or Human Resources departments.As one of the top Distributor of HIKVISION CCTV in Kerala, India we always strive to support our resellers and partners with best price access as well as support. Hikvision CCTV  known to be a leading worldwide market leader in the security industry. Hikvision possess the world’s largest R&D team and state-of-art manufacturing facilities.  Both allow Hikvision’s suppliers and customers the benefit of world-class products that are designed with cutting-edge technology.