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It’s the age of electronic mail and for most of us, it’s impossible to imagine a life without being connected to e mail. If you’re running a corporation, it is crucial to choose the emails that suits your business. Enterprise e-mail offers a particularly sophisticated and high degree of marketing resolutions for your organizational needs. It’s a satisfactory solution if you have a large business to manage.

Small and medium business are investing in IT infrastructure to run the business more efficiently. Apart from delivering messages, business emails serve as a platform for communication. It can integrate the technologies such as the instant messaging, social networking and other features.

Email Services Kerala

Enterprise emails Service from DataVox India

Vector digitals are one of the key email solution providers in the region of Kerala and across India. We strive to enable organizations to plan and build their business mailing systems as per the needs with the leading email platforms from the Microsoft, Google, and other providers. We understand that to grow your business, you need a productivity-driven enterprise email solution.

Organizations in Kerala ranges from the corporates, government organizations to health care industries and IT companies. Most of the organizations rely on the messaging systems for their communications. As a trusted partner for your infrastructure solutions, we deliver on-premise hybrid and clouds based enterprise email solutions in Kerala.

Create emails that take your business to new levels.

 Benefits of Email Service from Datavox India:

  • Reliable and trusted mail solutions for your business needs
  • Email solutions with Anti-spam and Anti-virus
  • Friendly with all advanced features
  • Prompt activation
  • High-end multi-processor servers (administration carried out by vector)
  • Customer and technical support
  • Advanced security

There are many benefits to enterprise emails. A few of them are as follows:-

Mobility: – You can access your business emails through your smartphones while on the move. It makes sure you can access from any devices without any hassles.

Enhances the effectiveness: Useful features like calendar sharing, address books, files and address books makes the work and life easier. It helps to manage the client communication effectively with accurate and automatic emails of acknowledgment.

Get in touch with Social Media: It helps you to incorporate your social media accounts and many email accounts into one single inbox.

Sufficient storage:  It comes with enough storage which helps to manage the storage for both emails as well as file storage. Therefore there is no need to fear about running out of space in the inbox. The server guarantees that your data is safe and always available.

Security: – The mailboxes of enterprise emails are scanned and ensures that it is protected from viruses, spam, Trojans and other threats by utilizing security products such as anti-virus software, antimalware and so on. It uses a user-friendly interface for easy access.

Customer support: – The service offered is 24X7 and in case of an emergency escalation, the time can be set for sending the emails automatically.

Looking at all these features, enterprise email is undoubtedly an outstanding investment to your enterprise, as it reduces effort and enhances productivity without being overcharged!

We are the pioneers in providing scalable and affordable IT infrastructure solutions and the telephony systems in Kerala. Our proven methodologies underpin that every security concern of your organization is addressed. Once again we promise your data is safe with DataVox Private Limited India. We offer services in other realms of IT sectors as well including the Desktop Support, remote support, IT AMC services, and other major IT services in Kerala.

Do you have questions on our enterprise email solutions in Kerala? Our experienced professionals would be able to help you design and implement a strategic email solution for your organization.

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